Roles-based and Authorization Strategy Plugin Install.

Here, we learn how to install a plugin in Jenkins, and in this case, we will install “Role-based Authorization Strategy” which is used to provide different permissions for different users. There are different methods to install a plugin in Jenkins but we are going to use the simplest and effective method i.e. restart method.


Step 1. Go to Manage Jenkins.

Step 2. Click on Manage Plugins. You will see something like this:


Step 3. Click on the Available tab to install a new plugin.

Step 4. Search for the plugin in the search bar.



Step 5. Click on the Download now and install after restart button.

Note: Some of the plugins can be download without restart and some need restart of Jenkins in order to get installed completely.

Step 6. After that, the Jenkins will restart in some time.

Step 7. Now, log in again in Jenkins.

Step 8. Next, go to Manage Jenkins.

Step 9. Click on Configure Global Security.

Step 10. Under Authorization check Role-Based Strategy.



Step 11. Now, go back to Manage Jenkins and look for Manage and Assign Roles.



Step 12. From here we can handle permission by creating roles and assigning them to different users and groups.

Check out how to use this plugin in a real scenario in the NEXT module.