Understanding All the Components of Azure DevOps

There are five components in Azure DevOps which makes Azure a complete DevOps solution. The 5 components are as follows:

✔  Azure Boards

✔  Azure Repos

✔  Azure Pipeline

✔  Azure Test Plans

✔  Azure Artifacts


Understanding these components:

Azure Boards: It is a service that helps you to manage your project. It has the features such as support for Scrum and Kanban, dashboard customization, and integrated reporting. In this, we can create tasks, epics, stories, test reports, etc which makes the project management efficient.

Azure Boards have components like Work items, Boards, Sprint, Backlogs, and Dashboards.


Azure Repos: It is a service that is similar to GitHub or GitLab. We can push the code in Azure Repos and use its repository. It provides two types of repositories such Git and Team Foundation Services (TFS).

✔  It supports all IDEs, all editors, and all Git client

✔  It has all the Git features such as merges, pull requests, code reviews, etc.

✔  Azure AD is used to provide access to repositories.

Azure Pipeline: There is something Build Pipeline and Release Pipeline.

✔  Build pipeline is used to build and test the code depending on the requirement using different building tools. Building code in Build Pipeline will ensure that there is no dependency issue.

✔  Whereas Release Pipeline is mostly used to deploy the code to different environments and on different platforms. It also provided approval features that will make CI-CD much efficient.

✔  Both pipelines can be written in YAML and you can use the classic editor (GUI) to create pipelines.

Azure Test Plans: It is a test management solution that can test your application on the browser. It also provides browser extensions that can be used for exploratory testing. Here you can do manual test cases, manual test cases, and even exploratory testing.
Azure Artifacts: It is services that can be used to keep packages/dependencies at a single location used in several projects. It can share packages like NPM, Nuget, Maven, etc.

These five components make Azure DevOps a complete full-fledged DevOps tool.