Azure DevOps – Overview

Azure DevOps is a combination of two words, Azure + DevOps. Let’s start with learning about Azure. So, what is Azure?


Microsoft Azure is a cloud solution that provides lots of services and features to helps your organization in almost all ways during the development of any product by providing multiple tools and technologies (services).

Microsoft Azure provides 600+ cloud services, and these services support various operating systems, databases, and development tools. Azure is providing its services in more than 140 countries which makes it a huge cloud provider.

Features of Azure

✔  On-Demand Provisioning: It means that we can provision or launch a service whenever we need and how much we need and all these processes are so easy and quick to do on a cloud.

✔  Scalability in Minutes: Scaling up and down is easy and fast on the cloud depending on usage and need.

✔  Pay as you Consume: You only for what you use.

✔  Abstract Resources: This means you don’t have to worry about the hardware, networking, and security because all these are taken care of by Azure. You just need to focus only on your need.

✔  Measurable: Everything is getting measured in terms of your usage, so you just have to pay for what you are using.

These are some features of Azure that make it an amazing platform.

What is DevOps?

It is a set of practices intended to reduce the time taken between committing a change to code and the change being placed into normal production while ensuring high quality.


In DevOps, there are lots of tools and technologies being used as shown in the diagram.


We will learn how these tools can be used in a single place i.e. Azure DevOps.

Azure DevOps:

It is a set of modern services which are used to

✔  Plan Smarter

✔  Collaborate better

✔  Ship faster

It is formally known as VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services). And, we can access its services by simply using Web Browser.